Coach Education

The structure of Gymnastics of York training has been stable for many years now with an emphasis on early optional learning opportunities. This means that our coaches have always had to be more intuitive and think harder as we do not follow a pattern of every child does the same repetitive “one size fits all” program.

From time to time, people ask about our coach training so I would like to take this opportunity to give you a brief insight. A lot of the education is verbal from senior to junior coaches and based directly on current group programs and initiatives. However, while there’s a huge volume of online information it makes great sense for our coaching team education to be directed and managed so that we work collectively.

Our primary education and programming is designed to take gymnasts from their first days in the SMART Start program successfully though to a competitive program should they wish. Literature, resources, and information is provided to assist the coaches in this endevour. I am considering a more formal and full structure of sports coach education for my coaches as the USAG national system is one-directional and not progressive.