Gymnastics of York Camps

Gymnastics Camp

Gymnastics skill training and a whole lot more! Limit to 25 kids per camp.

  • Open gym time
  • Indoor and outdoor games
  • Water fun
  • Take home skills
  • Craft Projects
  • Fun photo sessions
  • Capturing trampoline action – download of each gymnasts trampoline air time photos

The GY camp program is perfect for parents looking for a dynamic and exciting activity day camp for their child during the school holidays.

This camp is gymnastics-focused, but includes a variety of stimulating physical and motor-skill development with games, acrobatics, and team challenges all in the care of our qualified team of instructors.

  • Skill Clinics
  • Open Gym Time
  • Fun Games Activities

Art Camp

Ages 6-12, all experience levels are welcome to join us for a fun afternoon camp that goes from Monday through Thursday,  1pm to 4pm. Expand your art and creativity in various mediums. All art supplies provided.

Includes drinks and snacks! Limit to 15 kids per camp.

Games Camp

  • Building relationships
  • Healthy activity
  • Confidence building
  • And just plain fun!

Suitable for ages 6 and up we are planning a full games program.

Both indoor and outdoor schedules allows for a continuous experience regardless of weather.

Games camp is all about building relationships, growing character, group and team challenges are interspersed with a range of activities.

Includes drinks and snacks!

25 fun games and counting!

  • Water fun
  • Ropes maze challenge
  • Tug of war
  • Tag
  • Obstacle golf tournament
  • Cooperative games
  • Circle games
  • Trampoline and foam pit games

Cooking Camp

At Gymnastics of York, we believe in cultivating a well-rounded approach to learning and development. While we emphasize the importance of physical activity, we also understand the value of nurturing other essential life skills. That’s why we’ve concocted a special day camp that combines the joy of cooking with the fun of gymnastics!

Our Cooking Day Camp is designed to introduce children to the culinary arts in a safe, supervised, and engaging environment. They’ll have the chance to create their own culinary masterpieces under supervision.