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Parkour at Gymnastics of York

Parkour is a training discipline that enhances your strength, coordination, and agility by overcoming movement challenges .  climbing walls, balancing on rails, swinging on bars, and vaulting over barriers. You can use the abilities you learn to improve at other sports or even to be America’s next Ninja Warrior!

It’s play with a purpose: to be stronger today than you were yesterday. There are no rules, no judges, and no performances – we train and move because it’s fun, not to be better than other people.

Come try a class to see how dramatically your health and fitness can be improved by having fun!

Register for our next trainer-led clinic.

1st hour with Will, 2nd hour open gym practice.

Date: Saturday 11/7/2020

Time: 6pm – 8pm

Cost: $15 / person

Free-Style classes is the next development at GY! The classes cover a combination of Free-Style disciplines…


Tricking – twists, flips, somersaults!

FreeRunning – Activity … from block to block, wall to wall! 

Parkour – Combining tricks with travelling like FreeRunning!

Classes available now are on Thursdays 7pm to 8pm – $62 a month 

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