What to bring to Parkour Class

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Is it your first parkour class and you want to come prepared? This is all you will need to be equipped for success.

1 Hour Class

Comfortable loose clothes

Please wear gym appropriate tops and bottoms. No jeans, dress pants, hats, watches or jewelry (beyond stud earrings). Leave your shoes in the lobby.

Water bottle

Parkour is hard work and athletes need to stay hydrated. We take multiple water breaks during class so leave the bottle somewhere easy to reach. After class rinse the water bottle and store it with the cap off to prevent any funkiness.

2+ Hours class

Parkour shoes

Athletic shoes with a flat sole (no air pockets or basketball shoes) will do fine. The Feiyue FE Lo’s can be bought for $25 on Amazon, although you are welcome to get anything similar. Keep these shoes for parkour only – muddy shoes are not allowed on the gym floor!

Cloth wristbands

Training bars properly requires protection for the wrist and a simple cloth wristband works wonders. We sell large and small versions in the office at the gym. Only get the large wristbands! The small ones have a specific use for gymnastics only and will not be useful for parkour. If you want to buy online please look at the ones we sell and buy something of a similar size and quality; the thicker and beefier the better.

Bar Grips

As we progress in bar training eventually your athlete will need bar grips. Bar grips allow athletes to protect their hands while swinging around the bar. I will let you know when grips are required. Please buy your first pair from us in the office. This is personal safety equipment and I will not allow an athlete to use cheap or poorly made grips in my class.


Workout chalk, winter dryness and bar training is a recipe for tender hands. Simply moisturizing your hands after class (especially in the winter) can help prevent rough calluses that can rip (ouch!). GNC makes moisturizer fortified with vitamins for under $5 on Amazon and should last months. Take care of your hands and they will take care of you.


Athletes should wear their GY Parkour shirt along with black or grey athletic shorts and their parkour shoes. No hats, watches or jewelry (stud earrings ok). Bring water, wristbands and grips and do your best!