Parkour is Great Exercise for the Body and the Mind

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Everyone has heard, said, or thought: “parkour is dangerous.” But did you know parkour is a great exercise and is a fun way to stay healthy?

Here are some benefits of parkour:

1. Parkour is a Full-Body Renovation

The training, also with many influences from gymnastics, break dancing, capoeira, weight training, and other forms of movement and fighting, is incredibly varied. You get better in the parkour movements, but also trains the body as a whole.
The intensive training and lifestyle also create a different view of the topic of nutrition. In Parkour training, people exercise more and pay more attention to good nutrition. It is crucial that an open understanding is created and maintained.
Incidentally, the majority of long-time parkour runners are extremely fit today.

2. Parkour Encourages Creativity

The special thing about parkour is that apart from basic movements and the basic idea of ​​an efficient way from A to B there are no compulsory forms.
Every parkour runner makes it his task to train his physical abilities. There are no limits as everyone has different priorities and goals.

3. Parkour is a Way to Develop More Self-Discipline

Imagine that you are given the task of climbing a 3m high wall and it should be mentioned right away that you can do it 99.9% of the time. But now you have to make a number of attempts to possibly touch the edge for the first time.
Eventually, after a while, you can always easily reach this edge, possibly even with every jump. But are you slipping or unable to pull yourself up? Now you have to think about how to solve the problem.

Thus, this is now a process of its own discipline – The more I train, the more I eliminate my weaknesses, the more successful I am. This training attitude helps to take life’s hurdles easier, to become more relaxed, and generally to have a better focus.
In this way, Parkour is a new form of exercise and training that is not statically bound by rules. Many modern athletes and movement artists have also been moving away from monotonous exercises for a long time in order to stir up people as a whole.
In addition, it is of course not always about making it difficult as part of the creative process, but much more about finding challenges that e.g. in the form of a combination of different movements.