How to Become a Ninja with Parkour

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Surely as a child, you played in the street jumping, freerunning, and climbing over obstacles. There were no limits, but opportunities. This is the basis of parkour.

As in any other physical activity, in the practice of parkour, and especially if you are starting in this sporting discipline, you should inform yourself before taking action and even have a teacher, monitor, or a more experienced partner to guide you. These six tips will help you get started in parkour and exercise while minimizing the risk of injuries and accidents:


First of all, you should reserve a time to warm up in order to become a Ninja with Parkour, since depending on the obstacles that are in the way, the training can start even at a high intensity. At the end of the physical work, it is time to calm down and stretch the muscles to reduce the risk of injury.


It is a key aspect of tracers. It is convenient to eliminate high-calorie and high-fat foods, introducing more and more proteins, unprocessed foods, and fruits and vegetables, in the diet. Hydrating properly is also very important.

Clothing and Footwear

When going outside to do parkour you should choose carefully what clothes to wear, and you should always select comfortable clothes that allow ample movement.

Shorts and T-shirts are usually not the best options, because in falls the possibility of burns and injuries is greater. The differential element is the footwear and the grip on the ground, the fixation of the ankles, and the cushioning on landings depend on it. Many choose climbing footwear for their great grip, lightness, and resistance.

Know the Terrain

It is important to previously know the space through which the activity will be practiced to avoid unwanted surprises. Therefore, you have to observe the terrain well.


At all times, you need to be aware of how your body reacts to parkour and know when to stop It is not only an aspect of physical fatigue, it can also be due to hunger or thirst.

What is advisable to wear when doing parkour?

First of all, a well-fixed mobile phone is necessary so that it does not fall between jumps. With it, in the event of an accident of your own or of a partner, you can immediately call the emergency department.

Secondly, you have to have water on hand, as it delays fatigue and keeps the body in better condition, both to make important decisions and to carry them out.

Finally, carrying an energy bar can be useful in times of fatigue and hunger to avoid low blood sugar, and even fainting, in places where it can be dangerous.