Home Exercises to Improve Gymnastics Skills

Training for gymnastics doesn’t end when you walk out of the gym. Serious athletes train outside of the gym for strength, endurance, stamina, and flexibility in a variety of ways including at home! Here are just a handful of things that will help to support a gymnasts development that don’t require specialized equipment or professional guidance:


Vaults require a lot of speed and power. Simply sprinting back and forth in the yard or on the sidewalk outside of your home can be a great way to make improvements and build the needed strength. Although it may not be the nicest name, “suicide drills” can be a good way to elevate this conditioning in a pretty intense way, but again, does not require any special equipment or environment to do.

Static and Dynamic Stretching

Static stretching is when the muscles are extended and held for a period of time which is a great way to train for positions like splits. Dynamic stretching involves more movement in the body and is also beneficial in building flexibility, but also is a great way to warm up before any other training exercises occur. A few examples of dynamic stretches include lunges, arm circles, and torso rotations.

Jumps and Leaps

Helping to build coordination as well as the muscles in the legs, jumps and leaps are easily performed at home. Not only does this help to increase overall fitness, here we are also training for actual movements in gymnastics which are performed in floor and beam routines.

Routine Without Tumbles

While there are many movements, exercises, and types of stretches that can be done from home, possibly one of the most useful ways to support a gymnasts training is to practice their routine. It may be a good idea to skip any tumbling in the routine for safety, but the more you “dance-through” all of the parts, the easier it will be to remember them.