Gymnastics Training System

Gymnastics of York is working with Media & Technology Group to bring members and trainers a better way to track progress and support out-of-gym activities. We’re nearing completion of our prototype system which will roll out to the class program soon and then later expand with access to the developmental level as well.

Program activities are tracked on a skill-by-skill basis and by the level of skill. There are various categories (beam, vault, floor, etc) which has specific skills that must be approved by a trainer as completed before moving on to the next level of that skill within the discipline. There will also be context for how these skills are performed and practiced with complimentary or supplemental work that can be done in AND out of the gym to support successful completion.

This is an important step in taking intentional, well-thought out training to the next level for our members and we will update on progress as we prepare for the roll-out.