Michael Washienko

Michael Washienko is an artist, author and youtuber living full time as a world nomad. They are the founder of the international art publishing house lost alphabet. Born in the united states their work has been exhibited in new york, los angeles, london, paris, dubai, seoul and singapore. Their art has been featured by the new york times, artconnect and zeiss international, and can be found in public and private collections in over 30 countries.

Washienko’s multidisciplinary practice inquires the phenomena of living. Previous topics their work has explored include: the magic of seeing and terror of surveillance, the experience of questioning, the feeling of feeling cool, dancing on the beach, the existential fall into love, the extreme pleasures and self harm of jouissance, instagram celebrity nude portraiture, the cat’s meow, the overflowing joy of being understood, an investigation into why loneliness hurts, eating spicy candy and wondering if pain is necessary for self acceptance, loosing oneself in nature like light scattering through the atmosphere, being a tourist and many other spiraling trails of thought and energy.

Previously, washienko apprenticed as a master binder; producing over 50 million books. Working commercially as a photographer they have taken the portraits of more than 20 thousand individuals. Before that they were director of an artist residency on the black sea. They studied interdisciplinary sculpture and photography at maryland institute college of art and fine art at korean national university of arts. In a past life they traveled the united states as an acrobat. Full cv available upon request.