Ember Cheer Allstars

Ember Cheer is a brand new allstar cheerleading program offered by Gymnastics of York. We pride ourselves on being able to train beginner and elite athletes alike while making every teammate feel appreciated and a part of our family. Gymnastics of York provides a safe and well equipped facility that promotes athlete safety and growth. All coaches are USASF certified and have several child safety clearances.

The primary focus for teams is to prepare the athletes for competition against other programs. Athletes are placed on teams according to USASF guidelines on age and skill level. Throughout the season, all athletes will learn the components of an allstar cheerleading routine including but not limited to stunting, tumbling, dance, jumps, and showmanship.

Coach Education

The structure of Gymnastics of York training has been stable for many years now with an emphasis on early optional learning opportunities. This means that our coaches have always had

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Beginner Gymnastics Skills

It is a well-documented fact that children benefit from participating in sports for a variety of reasons. Signing your child up for a gymnastics program is a particularly valuable option

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Benefits of Team Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a skill sport that requires immense physical strength, flexibility, mental tenacity, and perseverance. Movements and skills require full-body development and is ideal to practice beginning from an early

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